We sell 2nd hand bikes

How it works

If you have a bike that needs a new home but you don't want to have to deal with selling it, we can help!

When you bring the bike in we will assess to see if any repairs are needed to make sure the bike is safe and rideable for the next owner.  

If repairs are required, these need to be paid for prior to sale. 

Once the repairs (if needed) are done, we will get the bike ready for a photo shoot - this includes a wipe down. We will then advertise it on our website, Gumtree and the facebook marketplace. 

The bike can be viewed in store during normal hey bikes business hours and the new owner can take it for a test ride. Knowing that the bike has been checked over by a qualified bicycle mechanic will help give a sense of confidence and peace of mind to the buyer.

Now, down to money. 

Together we will price the bike and work out what you would like to sell the bike for, keeping in mind we charge a flat 20% fee once the bike has sold. 

If you are interested in selling a bike give us a call, send an email or come in store.

Sorry, we do not buy bikes outright for resale.